That two men are the reason why Kona Venkat is not got a chance to direct!

why Kona Venkat is not got a chance to direct

Writer Kona Venkat felt bad that he got dominated and lagged back of his growth in film industry. Writer Kona Venkat has a very good name as he wrote stories for the movies like Dictator and Chintakayala Ravi. The two men who were highly discouraged his aim of becoming director. He is succeeded as a writer but the failure in direction is because of Trivikram and Koratala Shiva. These comments created sensation in Tollywood.

Both Koratala and Trivikram are dominating him in growth of his career. He said that he succeeded as a writer for Mahesh, Raviteja, Pawan, Allu Arjun. But his want to become a director is not yet fulfilled. Koratal and Trivikram are the reason why he remained as writer. They both become directors and there we have deficiency of writer and the whole responsibility come on to his shoulders.

He doesn’t have time for direction because movie directors are approaching to write dialogues for their movies. It would have been better to him if Koratala become director after two years. so, talent itself is not enough for growth yet time also to be supported.