I told that NTR was saved because of me at that time!

JR NTR Comedian Srinivas Reddy

We know about the accident on Khammam and Hyderabad road to NTR at the time of 2009 elections. Comedian Srinivas Reddy was the live evidence for that situation. He told in detail about this accident in an interview.

I was a member when NTR was on 2009 election promotions along with Rajeev Kanakala, Sameer and Raghu. I have joined in Khammam with them. After the meeting in Khammam we sent back the van to Vijayawada and set up to Hyderabad in cars. NTR and some of friends are in the front car.

Actually I have to be there in that car but, I went to collect the baggage, in between someone else occupied my space, that’s why I was in the car at back side. There was a huge turn at that place where accident was occurred, Tarak managed well but in a moments that car was rolled down. When I went to the car Tarak was not in the car, He was somewhere else with dusty clothes. He showed his head which is bleeding.

I tied a cloth to his head. There was my sister lives nearby Suryapet. I called her and asked about the hospitals in that area. And we went to a hospital and cleared all normal people other than patients. Doctor was shivering to do the stitches to Tarak. Another doctor did first aid to him and later we shifted him to KIMS.

A person told that this accident happened because of you came with us. And I replied angrily that ‘because of me only Tarak was saved’. May this comment reached that Tarak. That’s the reason why the distance between us increased. Actually there was well nearby that place, fortunately car wasn’t fell into that. And I hope we’ll again become close together.