Sunitha given clarity on quarrel with Udayabanu!

Sunitha given clarity on quarrel with Udayabanu

There was a rumor spreading wide about the dispute between senior anchor Udayabanu and singer Sunitha. And recently in an interview Udayabanu commented on Sunitha’s attitude. She said “In America tour a singer was insulted me and she doesn’t even invited me on to the stage”.

When she is getting on to the stage Sunitha’s music band played music. But Udayabanu was not directly mentioned Sunitha’s name. Sunitha gave response for this recently.

Sunitha told that she can understand that it was me even she doesn’t mention my name. Actually Udayabanu has misunderstand me totally. The program was mine and I didn’t invited her. Organizers were invited her and they are the responsible for to invite her on to the stage.

After that I met Udayabanu many times but, she doesn’t like to talk to me even I initiated. I really don’t understand why. I got when I saw that interview. That was small incident she was considering which is so silly.