A situation which has created huge buzz in Tollywood!

Jayasudha R Narayana Murthy

Industry people used to say that there are very few members who have time sense. Some time they do satires on this openly. Common audience also know about this time sense issue due to Prakash Raj’s matter. Recently Jayasudha also entered this kind of time sense issue.

We know that recently R. Narayana Murthy started a movie with the name ‘Head Constable Venkatramaiah’. This movie shooting was inaugurated by Ramoji Rao. Producer cum director Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao is shooting this movie in Hyderabad. A talk in industry creating buzz that Jayasudha is coming late for the shooting daily and this created an issue between Srinivasa Rao – Jayasudha. Jayashudha is acting as wife to Narayana Murthy.

Now discussions are going on between Jayasudha and Srinivasa Rao to settle down this issue. Already some part of shooting is finished so, if Jayasudha walks out from the project then total work done till now will be wasted. So, the unit members are trying to make them understand to unite and continue the project again.