Shriya forced Krish for a Kiss with..

Shriya forced Krish for a Kiss with

We know that the grand audio function of Nandamoori Balakrishna’s Gouthamiputra Shatakarni has celebrated recently. Krish’s speech on greatness of Telugu people mesmerized many people. A superb photo of this function has come out now.

In this Shriya hold Krish’s face… and a girl is kissing Krish forcefully. Our director is a bit nervous but his face is lighting with little smile. That girl is none other than his wife Ramya. Krish and Ramya got married at the time of Shatakarni shooting and he doesn’t take much gap to attend the shooting. He completed major part of this film with his wife.

At the audio release event Krish said I Love You to her wife Ramya openly. Krish who is very dare when delivering his speech and also he is a bit shy other time. This is the story behind a forceful kiss.