Sankranti Race.. Ram Charan vs Mokshagna!

Sankranti Race.. Ram Charan vs Mokshagna

There will be no cock fights for this year Sankranti due to strict prohibition from High court. So, officially it’s not possible. That’s why all are looking forward to the cock fight on silver screen. Twist has come on to the stage in the fight between Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. Actually it is looking like Gouthami Putra Shatakarni versus Khaidi No.150 rom outside. But from inside it looks to be the fight between Ram Charan and Mokshagna.

We know that Ram Charan is going to move his leg for a song in Khaidi No.150 with Mega Star. It is also officially announced. But the actual twist has come from the opposite side. The news is that Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna is going to give an entry through the movie Gouthami Putra Shatakarni.

Actually it’s been a rumor in the news which has published till now as Mokshagna is going to act in a key role of this movie. But no one officially confirmed this news. There is no doubt that fans will definitely get excited if they know this is official. Then the war will become between Mokshagna vs Ram Charan instead of Chiru vs Balaiah.