Who is reason behind Jabardhasth entry to the Hyper Aadi? What he does before!

Who is reason behind Jabardhasth entry to the Hyper Aadi

ETV Jabardhasth program which is being a helping hand and providing opportunities to many people which is leading them to settle down in movies. Along with anchor all the comedians are getting chance in to movies. Hyper Aadhi is a trending comedian, everyone will be waiting for his skit. He will be attracting the people with his punches and dialogue delivery which makes everyone makes laugh.

How did Aadhi got chance in jabardhasth ?..in his words only “I worked in Hyderabad for two years after completing my btech. In 2012. Like a common man I used to watch and enjoy Jabardhasth in youtube. I made a parody on how Trivikram sir explained the greatness of sirivennela and uploaded into YouTube. Within a short period of time I got lacks of hits in Youtube. By watching at my dialogue Jabardhasth fame ‘adhireabhi’ contacted me through Facebook and ask me to meet him. He appreciated and asked me to write dialogues to the scripts. As I asked him before only to give me a character he called me one fine day said to come to studio. That’s how I entered in to Jabardhasth.

I used to write some dialogues for side characters and sometimes for Team leaders. I got a chance as participant in adhireabhi’s team at the same time I understood that how to write scripts. After that I have written 15 skits. Along with writing dialogues I did some characters also. As I am winning the skits continuously got the chance as a Team leader. Along with Mr. Raju who was in baskar’s team. That’s how the team ‘Hyper Aadhi-Rising Raju’ has formed. If anyone puts a dialogue immediately a counter from me that’s why everyone call ‘Hyper Aadhi’…”.

His team got so much craze for his timing. He used to take 50,000 when he was in main character and now as team leader he is taking 2 lacks as a compensation. Not only has that he charged 1.5 lack rupees for any private show. And another 2 lack rupees for doingthe show ‘cinema chupistha mama’ along with ‘getup srinu’.