That is what the reason behind divorce of Soundarya-Ashwin?

That is what the reason behind divorce of Soundarya- Ashwin

A discussion is going on in Kollywood about the divorce of Rajani’s younger daughter Soundarya and Ashwin. Soundarya didn’t give any clarity on why they got separated. Kollywood people are feeling that the main reason is their anger on each other only.

That anger one is none other than Rajani’s daughter Soundarya itself. Ashwin decided to give divorce because of her over anger which results frequent conflicts between them. The colleagues were used to afraid of her when she was working in Eros organization.

Like that Soundarya also behave in same manner with Ashwin’s family members. So that he decided to get separate from her. The consequences die to her anger were discussed with Rajanikanth and then only Ashwin has decided to take the divorce.