That Raising comedian.. is in full form..

Vennela Kishore and comedian Satya

It is true that movies are lagged in comedy sequences after Sunil stopped his comedian career, MS has passed away and Bramhanandam craze was come down. Even in this situations the new comedians are proving themselves on screen with their own style.

Vennela Kishore and Satya comes under this. Vennela Kishore has become star comedian as he is been from decade in the industry. There is no need of new introduction about him. But Satya is still not a star but he is trying his best to make audience laugh and got succeeded in that. He is getting very prominent roles in movies. The duration of his character is increasing. He has given a good performance in Nani’s recent movie ‘Majnu’. This is a very key role that he has played in his entire career.

His character is elevated very well in the latest super hit ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’. He has been travelled and gave good performance entire duration of the movie. His scenes elevated laughs with the combination of ghost. The comic elements related to higher notes demonetization were added to Satya’s role. His performance was peak in the second half which elevates more laughs with Satya and ghost combination.

Satya has a special body language and comedy timing who looks very jovial. The normal problem with recent comedians is monotony. They are becoming usual after some movies and there is no variation. But Satya is exception for this case. He is showing variation for every new project. He got pretty good recognition from recent movies and will be sure that he will become busy in future.