Who observed first about the vibration in Power Star!

Who observed first about the vibration in Power Star

Pawan Kalyan… fans feel magic in this name. Most importantly enormous power will generate when they hear this name. so, who was the man recognized his power? This question is answered by actor cum writer Posani Krishna Murali. He said it himself on the stage of Dhruva movie pre-release function.

When fans are shouting power star…. Power star… Posani told that ‘you are all calling him power star now. But that name was actually given by me. I have written the story of his movie ‘Gokulam lo Seetha’. If this movie become success then Pawan will become a power star’. Fans calm down after they listened to this.

Recently the fans shouting was calm down in audio functions but they are again up to their stamina in ‘Dhruva’ movie pre-release function. They check the patience of the all guests on the stage. Posani got irritated and replied like this. And he also said a non-related thing to boil the fans that Allu Arjun is the best dancer in India.