She had number of dating’s before marriage..

She had number of dating’s before marriage

There were some celebrities who reveals everything in open. But there were very few who will reveal about their dating. It may be in Hollywood but not here. But the chubby and homely beauty Vidyabalan is exception for that.

Recently she had revealed some of her personal matters in an interview. Many people try to skip their personal matters after their marriage. They won’t come out in any situation. But Vidyabalan revealed some of her situations.

She told that she had dated some people before her marriage. “I’ve gone for date with some people but I like nobody. So I decided to stay alone. When I’m in that situation Sidharth Kapoor come into my life. I have dated him for three years. I can’t say our love is at first sight but I can say it is a matured love”. She revealed her secrets in this way, Whatever… she is different.