NTR’s entry in Vangaveeti… will get goosebumps!

NTR’s entry in Vangaveeti… will get goosebumps

The movie ‘Vangaveeti’ based on Vangaveeti Radha and his brother Vangaveeti Ranga who had Vijayawada political background is going to release tomorrow (23.11.2016). The people who are aware of Vijayawada politics are eagerly waiting about what Varma has done in this movie. Writer SiraSree shared some interesting things about this movie. ‘I saw Vangaveeti. I felt really emotion when I saw this film. The patients who can’t move can also get up and able run if they watch this movie.

I questioned myself that it’s a normal murder story? And a normal revenge story? But why I felt like that? The answer is it’s a History. A truth which has happened before three decades. This is a story of which influenced the whole state politics by two families. It may be a blood shuddered story but it shows human values in different angles.

  • Emotional bonding between brothers.
  • The difference between wife and brother based on their thinking and reaction.
  • The conversations which will change friends into enemies.
  • Wife’s decisions to save their husband.

These are all playing an emotional game in my mind.

This story has become an history because the two families who become the power to influence the state CM and politics. I didn’t see the persons who played the characters, I only saw their characterization. A scene which made me to get goosebumps. And the entry of CM NTR in second half. It remind me a scene in the movie ‘Benhur’. I can’t that the response from the audience may be out of the box.

I didn’t see any villain in this film. All are seemed to be heroes for me. Every character has its own intensity in their thinking. I just feel one thing after watching the whole movie. Once the time has played with the lives of some people in front of the powerful goddess Bezwada Kanakadurga. That’s it.