NTR vs Bunny.. Who will be the winner?

NTR vs Bunny.. Who will be the winner

It’s natural that the war between fans in social media. Some comments brings up laughter and some will be arrogant. There will be a lot happens in the name of following. The intensity is more when compared to the direct face to face wars. Fans do various things to prove their hero is better than other heroes. Recently a hot topic raised this kind of war.

The discussion is about who the Telugu hero is mostly searched in google. First the news has confirmed that NTR is on the top. NTR fans felt very happy with this. Later Bunny fans come on to the race. They confirmed that Bunny was topped the list. So, there was no clarity in this debate.

When it is searched with the name NTR then he comes on top. And Bunny is on second place. The remaining places are occupied by Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas. But when it is searched with the name Junior NTR he comes on 4th place. Allu Arjun is on top. Mahesh is on second and later places are occupied by Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan. But each fan is confirming their own version and saying that their hero is on top.