Mahesh’s hat trick in Forbes Rankings!

Mahesh’s hat trick in Forbes Rankings

We have to say Mahesh is the top star in Tollywood from past three years. He got Tollywood top rank in Forbes list again. Forbes has released the top-100 list of Indian celebrities. There are few members of Tollywood stars in the list. Prince got the top rank in that list. 2016 Forbes magazine gave 33rd rank to Mahesh. Tamil Super star Rajanikanth got 30th place. From Telugu Allu Arjun is there after Mahesh. Forbes given 43rd rank to Stylish Star. Young Tiger NTR has got 55th place.

Since this year Mahesh’s income is 42cr and Allu Arjun’s is 27cr. Tarak’s income is 36cr. But Forbes will not consider only income they also consider the fan following and faith. Mahesh topped in each aspect.

If we come to overall Forbes list. Salman Khan got 1st place in whole India. His annual earnings are 270.33cr. Another Khan Sharukh is at 2nd place. He got 221.75cr of income. Cricketer VIrat Kohli is in third place with 134.44cr of income.