Krishna Vamshi does so much after I offered him only one Meal!

Krishna Vamshi does so much after I offered him only one Meal

There is nothing new to talk about Telugu character artist Brahmaji. But, his acting talent is recognized by Krishna Vamshi. He has offered many chances to me after a small help I did to him at the starting days of his career.

‘He decided to offer me a solo chance as a hero after an uninvolved help done by me and that movie is ‘Sindhooram’. Any way what is that help? You’ll be shocked if you know it. Once Krishna Vamshi was struggling for money and that time he not even done his meals for two days. At that time Brahmaji met him and offered a meal together. By remembering that he does much favor for his career.

Actually I don’t know that he hasn’t done his meals for two days. I just casually asked because that was a meals time. Krishna Vamshi gave good break with ‘Gulabi’ and offered different roles in ‘Ninne Pelladatha, Chandralekha’. I can’t balance his help with anything. Present my son is working as assistant director under Krishna Vamshi. And he is the reason of my present status.

Commonly if any other person in place of Krishna Vamshi will offer a meal in other hotel but no one gives a chance as a hero with 3crore budget. That’s why I told I can’t balance his favor to me. With this we can know the nature of Krishna Vamshi very well.