Do you know why 39years old Subbaraju doesn’t marry still?

Subbaraju age

There is no need of introduction about Subbaraju who had hero like physic and doing as a character artist in movies. He had settled down in industry well after the movie ‘Pokiri’. He shared an interested situation that had taken place in his life in a recent interview. He got his first chance when he went to repair Krishnavamshi’s personal computer at the time of ‘Khadgam’. His career gain speed after he met Puri Jagannath.

He has given description about why he doesn’t marry even after he got 39years of age. ‘First I don’t understand why we have to do the marriage. Many people who knows me used tell that marriage is happened. But it should not happen, it should be done by you. Marriage is not a simple thing, is it? I had a relationship before but they were broken in between. I don’t like to do the marriage because I am alone.

In this interview he also revealed a secret which was a suspense. A big monkey has come to the down of his bedroom, it may come because the door was open and there was a mountain beside my home. Subbaraju has given a story of routine Telugu movie climax for the situation happened at his house.