Jayalalitha-Shoban Babu.. An interesting story!

Jayalalitha Shoban Babu

We are seeing Jayalalitha as a politician since three decades. But before that she was a star heroine. She was a top actress in Tamil and Telugu and also an actress who got highest remuneration. The relationship with Andhra handsome Shobanbabu also a special thing at that time. Everybody knows how close they used to be. There was some special things happened to start that strong relationship.

We should get surprise of Jayalalitha made Shobanbabu sleepless the hero who actually done it many girls. Jayalalitha was already a star heroine when Shobanbabu has become a star hero. The ‘Soggadu’ had waited for 8years to act with Jayalalitha. A producer was tried to make a film with Shobanbabu and Jayalalitha as a heroine. He also given Shobanbabu 1000rupees advance. Shobanbabu felt very happy with that. But jaya’s mother Sandhya ignored that project because Shobanbabu was not that much worth to act beside Jaya.

Atlast after many years Shobanbabu got a chance to act with Jayalalitha in ‘Doctor Babu’ movie. Shobanbabu had already got enough stardom at that time, so there was no objection to Jaya to act with him. They both get closed at the time of this movie shooting in 1973. The movie also got good success.

‘I felt really lucky that got a chance to act beside Jayalalitha. I didn’t see her till then. I waited for the moment. I just died to see her. I spread this matter to everybody with anxiety. I felt distressed when the producer was absent after he announced the movie with her. But after 8years I got chance to act with her’.

Jaya had got closed to Shobanbabu after her mother had passed away. Shobanbabu told that she felt very comfortable with him as she used to spend her days lonely at her home after her mother passed away. A news was that Jaya was get closed to MGR to build up her political career and gone far from Shobanbabu at the same time.