Heroine Supriya affair with the boy next door?

Heroine Supriya affair

Competition become high among Tollywood heroines. Nobody is missing even a single chance. They are stepping back to do expose their body and to act in romantic scenes. Recently Supriya joined this list. She is in her early stage of acting and she has accepted to act in a sexy role in an adult comedy movie.

We know that the Bollywood hit movie ‘Hunter’ is remaking in Telugu with the title ‘Soggadu’. In this movie Avasarala Srinivas is acting as hero and Sreemukhi, Misthi Chakravarty and Tejasvi are acting in key roles. Recently in a pre-look releasing ceremony they revealed that Supriya is acting in a key role. According to movie unit information she is going to act in a house-wife role, in Hindi Sai Tam hunker played this role. According to Hindi story hero and she had an illegal affair. Hero who lives next door to her impressed her and start doing romance with her. There were many romantic scenes between them. So, we have wait and see how our people will perform in this scenes.

Misthy is acting in Radhika Apte’s role, Tejasvi is acting in Veera Saksena’s role. And Sreemukhi’s role is still suspense. Movie unit told that they haven’t done much changes in the movie. And movie will definitely impress the audience. They are preparing the movie to release soon.