Gutta Jwala told about her love towards Prabhas!

Gutta Jwala told about her love towards Prabhas

The name Gutta Jwala reminds her game and the conflicts that followed her one after one. The positive comment is that she proved herself with her hard work at the same time the negative comment is she is an egoistic and why all arguments run around her? But actually she is very frank and social. She doesn’t concern other’s feelings and she speaks straight forward whatever she feels.

That’s why many people misunderstand her comments and actions. Recently she has given an open interview to a media agency. Why I used open here means whatever the matter she has spoken out straight forward without any arguments. She has opened everything about her game, chances to players, encouragement, conflicts about her and her problem with Gopichand.

She also spoken about her personal things along with these. She told about her breakup marriage. And also answered for the question about her marriage? She told that she’ll marry again and also given clarity about her dream boy. She told about her loving person and whom she follow much will reveal her like towards Prabhas.

If you see her comments towards her marriage, Prabhas, Nithin and Nani…

I’m not that famous at the time of my marriage. I learned a lot through marriage. At the same time my parents understands us very well. There should not be any limits in between husband and wife. They should support each other. That hasn’t happened in our issue. There were many issues along with this. That’s why I decided not to continue that relationship. Now I am positive towards marriage but I can’t believe the people around. I am very poor in guessing the people’s nature. That’s I can’t commit that much faster. But I’m searching a right person.

I entered movies unexpectedly. Nithin is a good friend. We have a common group. He asked me to act in movie once we were in a dinner. I just casually said yes I’ll do. Later I forgot about that. After three months he came to me and said your song was ready. I was shocked and I’m not playing much at that time. That’s why I did that song. I can’t act in movies but I am interested to host and do chat shows. I like to teach youth on “to deal with truth”.

I like watching movies in Telugu, Hindi and English movies. I like sarees. I like both traditional and western clothing. I love Prabhas in Telugu heroes. I also like Nani. He is my good friend. I met Prabhas twice. He is too tall.