Google will not give any ads for improper or fake news!

Google will not give any ads for improper or fake news

More number of websites are come into existence with the growing effect of social media. These websites are earning money through google ads by promoting their websites through social media. With this more number of websites are coming in different languages. And the news in these websites also not in proper way.

Gossips are beyond the limits. That’s why google taking action on this type of websites. Google and facebook were decided not to give the ads for these kind of websites. Google chief executive Sundhar Pichai told that people are misguiding through these kind of news and they need to resolve their mistakes.

He does this comment because the wrong news was spread all over the America through this kind of websites at the time of president elections. They are showing mammoth effect on people who are reading this fake news. People are unable to know what the real news is and what the wrong is. So, there is doubt that this action by google will definitely put full stop to these kind of fake news.