How a girl named Shamna Kasim does became actress with the name Poorna?

Shamna Kasim Poorna

Shamna Kasim… a new name to read. This is the actual name of the heroine ‘Poorna’ who recently come out with a new movie ‘Jayammu Nyshchayammura’. She a girl from traditional Muslim family. She debuted into industry with her original name. Later situations demanded to change her name. She told about those situations in an interview.

“I entered the industry with my original name Shamna Kasim only but people used to spell my name in different manners that’s why I decided to change my name. At the same time my manager got a girl baby. They named her as Poorna. I liked that name and I started using it. That name become popular and gave me the success”.

She answered for asking about the troubles due to Muslim background “Ours is very traditional family and village background. Many restrictions. But my mother supported me. She sent me to learn dance. I am the only Muslim girl to learn the dance in our village. My mother didn’t care others comments and encouraged me into my favorite job. This is all due to my family support. There are small troubles even though”.