First On Net: Gautamiputra Satakarni Review Rating

Gautamiputra Satakarni Review Rating

Nandamuri Balakrishna who entered as a successor of his father Nataratna Nandamoori Taraka Ramarao is now one of the top most heroes in the industry from 4decades. He entered into the industry with ‘Thathamma Kala’ and now reached to his 100th film. Balaiah who had completed 99 movie is now chosen story of Satavahana ruler Gouthami Putra Satakarni as his 100th film. The expectations are high on this movie which is directed by Krish who had shown variations with his previous movies ‘Gamyam, Vedham, Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum and Kanche’. Whether it has reached the expectations, let’s see the review…

Story: Gouthami Putra Satakarni who ruled the whole Indian nation together was the pioneer of the tradition of adding his mother name ‘Gouthami’ in front of his name. He ruled from Amaravati (present Pancharama Kshetram in Guntur) as his capital city. He did many wars as part of spreading his kingdom throughout other places. Satavahana kingdom was ruled by 30 kings. Satakarni was the only king to rule the whole nation under single kingdom. Greeks announce war at his era only. How Satakarni able to face all the powers and how he made whole India into a single kingdom forms the story. In reality there was a huge history available about Satakarni, but Krish showcased only how Satakarni combined whole nation with his wars and how he got responded to the wars from foreign kingdoms.

Performances: Balaiah showed his peak performance as Gouthami Putra Satakarni. He did excellent job in war sequences and dialogue delivery. Balaiah did many mythological films. So his job become easy as Satakarni. Shreya also did very well as Vashishti Devi. Hemamalini’s character will leave a page in history as Satakarni’s mother. Director showcased remaining roles also very well.

Technicalities: Whole technical team is highlight for this film. Movie got whole perfection with Gnanshekar’s cinematography, Ram-Laxman stunts, Chirnatan Butt music, art of Bhupesh Bhupathi, writings of Sirivennela, dialogues of Burra Saimadhav. Production values of Y Rajeev Reddy, Jagarlamoodi Saibabu are fabulous. Krish name will be registered in who can take Telugu cinema to another range. Fans made a comment that Krish can give competition to Rajamouli after the release of Satakarni trailer. He proved with Kanche movie with how he can deal with this kind of movies. He did Satakarni in just 8months with 55crores of budget. The climax 20minuts war sequences are biggest asset for this film.

Punch Line: we have hits and flops. We can get a super hit, blockbuster hit and we get industry hit if requiredwhen somebody comes in middle and says he got the hit.

Rating: 3.5/5