‘Dhruva’ has copied ‘Temper’!

‘Dhruva’ has copied ‘Temper’

A still is creating buzz in social media right now. The pre-release function of movie ‘Dhruva’ is going on a side and other side mega fans were creating buzz with the updates of that event in social media. They are posting a still which has displayed on screen in the function.

Mega fans are mesmerized with a shirtless still of Ram Charan from the movie. Its true… that still is really awesome. Cherry is walking in a beach with a fit and sexy body which is a biggest asset for the movie when it is going to display on silver screen on December 9th.

This still from ‘Dhruva’ is reminding the movie ‘Temper’ where NTR also of same style. NTR is walking with a blue jeans on the beach side where Charan also with blue jeans and walking on beach side. Fans are saying that how it could be if they copied as it is because they were friends. Even though mega fans are saying that Cherry is looking dynamic.