He backed Nagababu… what about Pawan?

He backed Nagababu… what about Pawan

‘Khaidi No.150’ prerelease function has become sensational towards Chiranjeevi and his two brothers. One is Nagababu emotional speech and second one is Pawan’s absence. Then what is Chiranjeevi thinking on this? He supported Nagababu that his 100percent correct. Actually he also disappointed with Varma’s comments. I took it light because I know that Varma is that kind of a person. But Nagababu unable to control himself.

Nagababu personally likes very much Yandamoori Veerendranath. But he talked senseless in an open event. But I can’t expect Nagababu will again talk about this. We’ll leave it to their respect if they made any comments in future. And what he said about Pawan’s absence?

He supported Nagababu and he also backed Pawan as well as a brother. Pawan’s mind set is like that from starting itself. He used to sit in other room by reading books when we were all together in hall. He didn’t interact with anybody. As Pawan’s image is increasing fans are misunderstanding him. Pawan is busy that’s why he is unable to attend the event.

Present I’m not thinking that I’ll work with Pawan for politics. But it may happen in future. We have different ways but our ultimate goal is same. Pawan’s goals are impressing, his ideology is good, he is very trust worth and I have to support him because he is working for a very good cause. All is ok but Pawan already said that his goal is not to become CM or to acquire the power. But we all know that Chiru’s goal is quite different?!