Anasuya sees there only?

Anasuya sees there only

Her age resembles aunty but she looks like a young girl and got crazy talking, looks and beauty. She is Anasuya. She is an anchor by name but she got following of heroine range. The movie she acted recently got the audience who wants to watch Anasuya only. She is very busy with special programs, anchoring and she is doing a show where she is taking interview of big celebrities.

We used to hear that Anasuya speaking skills, expressions are attracting more audience. Recently Navadeep has come to this show as a guest. This interview duration is more than an hour. Here a question from Anasuya got strong punch from Navadeep which made Anasuya speechless even though it is jovial.

Anasuya asked a question that if you have given three costumes and which one you will wear? Three options were given to Navadeep, options are Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. Navadeep has chosen Batman. Anasuya replied that ‘I expect that you’ll said Superman’.

Why you want to see the underwear? Why you look that always? But now Superman is not showing his underwear like he did in past. He made some crazy comments like this. Anasuya was speechless. Not only Anasuya can anyone say anything on this?.