Allu Arjun tops in Forbs Fame rankings!

Allu Arjun tops in Forbs Fame rankings

Forbs rank calculated by averaging two different ranks. In that one is fame rank and the other is money rank. Some people have money rank, some have fame rank and some people may have ranks in both, they calculate the main rank by averaging both of these. Salman is no.1 in forbs list and Virat is on 3rd place. But as per fame Kohli got the 1st place. But Salman has the income of 270cr and Kohli has the income of 133cr that’s why Kohli lost two ranks in mains list. If we want to discuss this incase of our Tollywood stars then we must talk about Allu Arjun.

As per forbs celebrities 100 India, if we consider Telugu stars we know that Mahesh is at 33 and Allu Arjun is at 43rd place. If consider as per fame rank Allu Arjun got good following in Mallu Land also. In 2016 celebrities list Allu Arjun got the fame rank of 59 and Mahesh got 74th. And Ram Charan is on 86 and Junior NTR at 89th place. Bunny may be topped because only he has following in Malayalam along with Telugu. But in overall rankings Mahesh’s income is 42cr and Allu Arjun’s is 27cr made Bunny lagged in overall rankings.

There are two shocking news regarding fame rankings in Tollywood. Ranbeer Kapoor got same place in fame along with bunny. A you tube channel called Bakchod is one rank a head of Mahesh. The next shocker is Prabhas missed in the list this year where he was there in the list last year. When coming to girls Shruthihasan has got 34th fame rank and Kajal got 37th in Tollywood. When coming to our Hyderabad girls Sania Mirja at 24th place and PV Sindhu got 43rd fame rank. These two were dominated our Tollywood stars straight away.