Allari Naresh about Udaykiran!

Allari Naresh about Udaykiran

A young boy has introduced on silver screen with the movie ‘Chitram’. He got good growth in his career without any background. Reached top place in young heroes list. But he gone long way in a very less time. Hearts get weight when we listen the name Udaykiran. No one can forget his presence on screen. He reached higher status in his career in a short time and expected that he will become a great actor in the industry. But he gave big shock to all and gone away from this world. But nobody knows that he bare too much frustration before he died. Allari Naresh told that he knows how Udaykiran spent his sad days. Allari Naresh told an interesting thing about his friend in an interview.

Before Udaykiran died Naresh used to meet him. Udaykiran is in sad mood at that time. I just asked him why you are like that. Uday told about an articles published in a newspaper. The article is about a young hero who is not taking care of choosing good stories. Naresh told that “why are you bothering about that. It’s not about you.” And Uday relied that “that article is about other hero but if he doesn’t chose right stories then his position also becomes like Udaykiran”. So, that article used Udaykiran as an example. Naresh was speechless after listening that.

If a hero is in good position he got good applause from the persons and if he is facing the trouble the same persons comment him. The hero range may big but everybody has their own feelings.