Ali’s comments again become an issue!

Ali’s comments again become an issue

“it’s becoming unusual whatever I spoke, so I won’t talk” these are Ali’s comments on a stage. It has become an issue Ali’s words were un-parliamentary towards heroines and female anchors that’s why he reduced that type of words in functions. And now he doesn’t comment any heroine or anchor but the comments in “Saptagiri Express” audio launch become an issue.

Ali said that “comedians can success as heroes but you should remember that it is like a lottery. Lottery will come for only once. You should relax with the money you got with that but don’t try again and again”. He made this comment towards Sapthagiri who is acting as a hero for the first time but these comments indirectly affect other hero Sunil.

There is a talk that Sunil has done a mistake of becoming hero. And social media gone viral with those comments from Ali are towards Sunil only. The recent movies from Sunil are just below average so, the comments gave some heat to the issue of Sunil’s career.

This has become issue only because Ali doesn’t mention anyone and give those comments generally. Some one is saying that there is no mistake in Ali’s comments. He has given good suggestion its better to them if they listen to it. if it is towards Sapthagiri then it is a good advice. And with this Ali has become an attraction for one more time.