Akkineni Spotted Sumanth and Jagan when they were jumping the wall!

Sumanth and Jagan jumping wall

Sumanth reminds a situation before 25 years that they were spotted to Grandpa Akkineni Nageshwar Rao when he and Jagan were jumping their compound wall. Sumanth shared many unknown things like he and Jagan were good friends and they were classmates when they were in school.

Sumanth reminds his childhood in an interview to a TV channel. One day he and Jagan were outside till late night so, Jagan stayed at his home that night. When he was trying to climb the grill grandpa saw him that time he introduced Jagan as the son of YS Rajashekar Reddy. He told that days they used to enjoy a lot.

And it was a shock that Sumanth and Keerthi Reddy were broken up after two years they married. After that Sumanth doesn’t show any interest towards marriage. But Keerthi Reddy has done other marriage and settled down very well with her new family. He shared some interesting facts about his life after that break up.

“I got married in 2004 and we broke up in 2006. I have a good relationship with Keerthi till now. She settled in Bangalore after her marriage. Her new life is good. I frequently talk to her. We have a good relationship between us. But I don’t have shown any interest towards marriage. Everybody has a comfortable time after a certain difficult phase. Present my situation is also same. I feel comfortable myself. Everything is fine with my sister and my pets. Present I don’t have any interest towards marriage. I went to many marriages but not mine. There may be change in my thoughts in future. I have girlfriends before but not now. There may be chance…”