The actual blockbuster in 2016 is that movie only… not Sarrainodu… not Janata… and not Dhruva also…?

blockbuster in 2016

What will you say if we ask which movie is 2016’s biggest hit? Sarrainodu? Janata Garage? Pelli Choopulu? You will say any one of these. But there is another one which is more blockbuster than those movies. it has released recently and got huge success. It’s not Dhruva. If everything is fine then there will be no problem for any good movie but the movie got success in an odd time. What does that mean if a movie got super collection at the time where people are struggling in que lines for money? That’s only become blockbuster. The movie is Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada.

They released this movie with a little bit lag in their mind. Nikhil also promoted this movie emotionally that this movie will not disappoint the audience. The content in this movie is really awesome which was directed by VI Anand. And mouth talk is added advantage which helped the movie to still in the theatres. And also getting good collections. This movie has collected 38crores in one month. This is the biggest hit in Nikhil’s career.

Before this he got the back to back hits with Swami RaRa and Karthikeya. Chinnavada movie created a strong market in overseers also. Their dare fetch them a really huge success with Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada. This will be the blockbuster for this year.